Vending on Track

Vending on Track provides affordable vending machine telemetry solution and other industrial tools to help independent vending machine operators to improve efficiency and increase profit.

Our studies show that our product could help vending business to improve profit margin by 30%.

Vending on Track is a vending machine remote back-to-base monitoring system. After installing Vending on Track telemetry devices on your vending machines, you can watch your sales number, audit your collected cash, forecast sales, pick your vending goods comfortably in your office.

After deploying Vending on Track to my fleet, I started to love my job. I should have started using it since the very very beginning.
— Stephanie from Simple Vending Solution

Trusted network and proven TECHNOLOGY

Vending on Track’s telemetry service is using Telstra 4G LTE network - faster connection, better coverage, reliable service.

We also build our product around Amazon AWS platform. This rock-solid platform supports lots of well-known brands around the globe and within Australia - Qantas, Suncorp, NAB etc.

Telemetry is important

There are many benefits of adopting Vending on Track telemetry system,

  • Remove unnecessary refill runs

  • Solid business record

  • Incident detection and alert

  • Business analysis and forecasting

  • Pricing tests and robo-advisor service


plus A.I.

Nowadays all things will become better once mixed in Artificial Intelligence, including Vending Machine Telemetry system.

Take pre-kitting as example, for normal vending machine management system, because there is delay between actual refill and generating prekitting request, once the driver arrived at the site, the par level will be different.

After tuning and proper training, A.I. will eliminate this kind of difference, and in most cases A.I. will outperform experienced vending machine operator.

Reliable hardware

Reliability is the #1 priority in all businesses.

From the very beginning, we designed our product from ground up, with state of art design rules and best practices to improve our hardware.

For every unit we ship, we do a 10-hour burn-in test. This significantly decreased the early failure rate at client site.

Our vendors include

  • STMicroelectronics

  • Molex

  • Nichikon

  • TDK

  • SIMCom